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The beauty industry is flooded with makeup launches every month. So, that clearly makes it hard to pick the best product, especially when you’re a newbie to the makeup world.

And when it comes to brushes the whole quotient of confusion becomes simply too much to deal with. But worry not, as today we have curated a list of the best makeup brushes of all time, according to our beauty editor, that will do the trick perfectly!

Best Makeup Brushes of All Time

1. Vanish Foundation Brush

Vanish is one of the finest companies to produce the best makeup brushes out there. The price is slightly on the higher end. But it’s totally worth it! The short handle has the perfect weight that helps in a better grip. And the brush end is fluffy with the best quality hairs that are super soft and blend the foundation like a dream.

The great quality brush end easily blends the foundation of any consistency and gives you an effortlessly flawless look!

2. Liquid Touch Concealer Brush by Rare Beauty

Liquid Touch Concealer Brush is one of the best, most affordable, concealer brushes on the market. With a slightly tapered angled brush, you get the perfect finish with minimal effort. The great thing about this brush is that it is angled just perfectly which makes it blend the concealer around the eyes really well.

Smooth bristles are perfectly dense for you to make sure that you get only the best results!

3. Tapered Highlight Brush by ANISA Beauty

Highlight Brushes are definitely not easy to find! You need that perfect angle to ensure that the highlight is done perfectly. With a great brush, you can get the desired results with minimal to no fuss.

ANISA Beauty’s Tapered Highlighter Brush does the drill. It not only gives you a perfect finish but is also quite affordable, priced just at $7. If you can get a good finish with an affordable product, why waste your money on high-end brands that may not even give you the perfect results?

4. Veil Powder Brush by Hourglass

Veil Powder Brush has bristles that are loosely packed together, which makes sure that there is no product waste. With extra soft bristles, you get a great finish. Another great thing about this product is, that its bristles are extremely gentle and don’t rub off the product. This way, your foundation won’t be wasted and you would also get a refined look!

5. Golden Triangle Shading Blender 773

And now last but not least, a shadow blending brush! This blending brush by Bdellium Tools is perfect to get that dreamy eyeshadow finish! It is a medium flat brush with perfect bristles that are neither too bushy nor too light. The grip of the brush is great, thanks to its slender design.

Even though it is priced at an extremely affordable rate, its quality is uncompromised. For those who love experimenting with their eye makeup, or even if you love simple evergreen eye makeup, this brush is suitable for it all!

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