Life-Changing Eye Makeup Tips You Need to Know.

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At times, it can be intimidating to learn about all the makeup and beauty options available. There is no doubt that eye makeup tips can be extremely helpful, regardless of whether you are a seasoned pro who achieves flawless smokey eyes from start to finish without breaking a sweat or a beginner who is still working on color, blending, and placement.

So here, we are with life-changing tips for your flawless Smokey eyes

1. Make sure your brush is wet for the best results. To get a more intense result, wet your eyeshadow pan with mixing media or direct spray a mist onto your brush for a more intense result. Or if you are comfortable then opt for fake lashes, Some of the best cruelty-free makeup brands offerfake eyelashes that use chemical-free glue.

2. Apply a light base to make your eyeshadow stand out. Apply a light-toned primer over your eyelids if you want your eyeshadow color to stand out. blend your eye shadow above lashes with the beauty blender for a natural look.

3. Add a little contour shade to your eyeshadow. If you want to pull together your makeup look, you can blend your contouring shade with your eyeshadow to match your whole face. Liquid lipstick orliquid matte lipstick is one of the makeup items which goes well on the eyes for a glossy look. 

5. Make your lashes look fuller without spending a lot of money on expensive mascara. To do this, dust some powder on your lashes and coat them with mascara. Like a normal eyeliner, apply your adhesive eyeliner along your lash line. In the inner and outer corners, apply a touch more liner. 

6. Open your eyes while applying eyeliner. Remember to keep your eyelids open when applying eyeliner, especially if you have an eyelid fold or thin eyelashes. It will be easier to apply your eyeliner when you have your eyes open as you’ll be able to visualize how long to extend the wing and the shape you need to create to create a straight line.

7. Turn the eyeliner pencil into eyeliner gel. Light your eyeliner pencil for one second by holding it over a flame. Allow it to cool before applying. Your liner will last longer and the tip will be softer. If you are looking for creamy texture around your eyes then opt for velvet lipstick or velvet matte lipstick.

10. You can achieve smokey eyes without using eyeshadow by applying mascara first and smudging it between your lashes with a pencil brush before it dries. When you’re in a hurry or traveling and you can’t bring a lot of makeup with you, this will be the perfect solution.

11. It’s not necessary to have eyeliner in the same color as your favorite eyeshadow shade, although you wish that you did! Apply water, a setting spray, or a mixing medium to the angle of the eyeshadow pan. You can use your eye shadow as an eyeliner once it has become dense enough. Alternatively, you can go with liquid lipstick. In addition, liquid lipstick prices are equal to regular lipstick, which is a great advantage for the switch. 

12. If you want your eyes to look bigger and more awake, apply a butter-colored eye pencil to your Mink Eyelashes. Some makeup artists recommend white pencil liner, but it has the effect of being cold and unnatural, whereas a butter-colored pencil will give the same effect with a more natural appearance. You should brush your mascara towards your nose instead of upwards so that your lashes will appear fuller and your eyes will appear larger.

13. And the last thing, there are many cruelty-free makeup brands in the market with vegan cosmetics, which are chemical-free and maintain the health of your eyes, check them out to stay away from an ophthalmologist.


The main purpose of makeup is to enhance our beauty, not to disguise it. Sometimes, makeup scares us and we forget that. The right makeup tips and vegan cruelty-free makeup can make a big difference in our routine and make us look and feel better. Take advantage of the above tips to improve your skills and become more confident when applying makeup!

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